Frequently asked questions

  • 1. Download

    Download our software if you are using a lincese key or if you woud like to try out our trial. If you are using the USB dongle - this will have the software pre-loaded.

  • 2. Run the SubliRIP.exe file

    Extract file ( ) once extracted double click ( SubliRIP.exe ) - this may prompt up requesting permission to install. Accept and continue through the setup process.

  • 3. Open SubliRIP software

    Once you have sucesfully installed SubliRIP software, open start menu and locate ( SubliRIP - Sublimation ). Click this and wait for the software to load. Once loaded please enter your Serial Key provided, plug in your USB drive or select to continue as a free trial.


Our software is only compatible with Microsoft windows operation systems. Unfortunately we do not support Mac at this time.

Our software is compatible with both 32 and 64 bit operating systems from Windows 7 to windows 10

If for any reason you loose your license key or USB thumb drive. Don't worry we can void your old license key and re-issue you a new one. We can also replace USB dongles and void your old one. A small charge may apply to replce this!

Yes - you can select to use our RGB profile and select your power driver printer.